Who the Heck am I?

Who the Heck am I?

So begins this very public, existential quest for my holy grail. I am not entirely sure why I have created this blog. Why would anyone want to read about me and my experiences? To be sure, the Internet is inundated with enough flotsam and jetsam, so why should I add to the clutter? I suspect my contribution here will become another proverbial “needle in the haystack” of the information age. Oddly enough, for the most part, I avoid the Internet and shun all forms of social media and only occasionally visit a few informative web sites. We are drowning in information, most of it vapid and ridiculous. “Too much information running through my brain. Too much information driving me insane.” — The Police

I keep a private journal that records my deepest reflections of self, others, and events. I actually write by hand with pen on paper – if you can believe it! Hardly anyone puts pen to paper anymore. Invariably, I find that only one or two students (almost always female) in a class of 20-30 undergraduates keep a journal.  Its a sad commentary on our society and the pernicious impact of the Internet.

Which brings me back to the essential question. Why this blog? Again, I am not sure. I suppose I shall use it as a commentary on the archival profession by posting daily accounts of my experiences at the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives. Surprisingly, I find that there is much to comment on. Some amazing people work there and over the years have added a bit of themselves to the place.

Okay, so let’s try this approach. The story of an Archives. Archives Fall 2014